Golarion - Hellmouth

Chapter II - Towards Destiny

Setting off to visit the fabled sea elven city, the heroes make some stops along the way, to see if they can discover anything about the key from other cities. But each stop hides its own secret that requires solving and may even be linked with the prophecy.

Part 1, Leviathan – A visit at a not so abandoned city proves nearly fatal.
Part 2, Abomination Amongst Us – The champion of the tritons hides a terrible secret.

Chapter I - Low Tide
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In a small village very near – but unknown to the villagers – the Hellmouth, a descendant of a betrayed family, a boy that calls the sea home – finds his way back. But also finds trouble, too. Dark cultists are after his blood and will use all the villagers for their purpose.

Aid comes from beneath the waves in the form of a sea elf. She will aid him in his quest, binding her fate with his irrevocably. Together, they set in along quest for answers. What they will find, though, is certainly more than expected.

First Encounter – The heroes fend off an attack by a deranged cultist.
Returning to the Village – First trip to the city is cut short by enemies congregating towards the village.
In Search of the Sunken Vale – a long forgotten druid may give answers beyond mortal ken.
Journey to the Bottomless sea – The village near the Hellmouth is saved once again.


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