A blessed child, lineage of a betrayed family and a sea elf, will discover the key to unlocking powerful and dangerous secrets" – prophecy of the deeps.


Many years ago, a small village turned to the worship of dark, unnamed gods. Ultimately, they were punished and the entire village sunk beneath the waves. But as it turns out, the punishment was more than necessary and fears of more sinister purposes lurk beneath the frozen seas.

The gods of nature created a key that can open the pathway to the sunken village and free the villagers. Or kill them. It is up to a descendant of a betrayed family and a sea elf in search of the prophecy, to decide. What is certain is that events are in motion and, like the waves of the sea, cannot be stopped. Can their course be altered, though?

Golarion - Hellmouth

Pf Ekati Vanadius